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Dehd Drops New Song & Announces Global Tour


As far as new music goes, there’s nothing more intriguing than the music of bands that feel like they have a lot on the line. The dark swaths between the notes offer a space that few travel towards. On their new single “Window” Chicago’s Dehd offer a sound that’s different from the heard. With their new album Blue Skies out this Friday, the band really offer up a full sound before their tour starts.

The song opens with a large guitar part that stands out from the heard. The lead vocals take you off to a simpler place far and away before picking up and steering you straight. The catchy sound that evokes from within come from how the vocals are crafted and delivered. The intriguing sound is all Dehd in its tones and sounds. That undefinable sound fits them perfectly while the swirls of emotion come forward. The song definite;y hits you and sticks like it should without any ideas towards anyone else.

“Window” can be experienced above or on YouTube. The band’s new album can be preordered from Fat Possum before it drops this Friday. The band is on tour starting May 24 at Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY until September 04 in Maastricht, NL at Bruis Festival. The band’s tour dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Atiba Jefferson.



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