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Sky Ferreira Drops New Single


New albums typically drop when artists say they will. The songs hit like you want and things are ready to come out and get into the public’s hands. However with Sky Ferreira that hasn’t been the case. Her new album Masochism has been mentioned to come out consistently for a good while now. With no new release date still offered, she’s revealed her new song “Don’t Forget” offers her sound with plenty of energy.

The grand opening of the song lends itself to the pop undertones that flow up next. The way her vocals come in among the instruments holds your ears to your speakers in excitement. Her vocals have an energy to them that doesn’t let up while the track offers up a catchy sound. Her voice evokes some of the strongest sounds while the instruments sit in the background. However that sitting gives you a chance to revel in her vocals and enjoy the track in its rarest form. The end result is a song that doesn’t feel like it took three years to come out.

The new song can be streamed above or wherever you stream music. The song is also available for purchase from Capitol Records. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Capitol Records.



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