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Why Bonnie Delivers New Song From New Album


New bands get the ultimate treatment when they sign to a new label. They get treated like royalty in a new space while they offer up new music in return. For their new works, Why Bonnie has gotten treated well by their label Keeled Scales. The band has announced a new album titled 90 IN NOVEMBER and they’ve also dropped a new song under the same title.

While the video for the song is funny, the band soldiers on in creating a wondrous sound. Their singer’s vocals are hypnotic in how they cascade your ears. The dredge of guitars and drums offers the band up with whimsical tone. However it’s the singing that really draws you in and pulls your legs. The piano adds a nice touch and sprinkles the song with happiness. The way the band just offers themselves up creates a whimsical notation you can’t hide from. But when they dig in you know it and you feel its strong sound. They offer themselves up here without any shielding and we get rewarded for it.

The song can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. Their new album 90 IN NOVEMBER is available for preorder from Keeled Scales ahead of its August 19 release date. Why Bonnie is on tour starting August 16 at The Gaslight in Nantucket, MA until September 16 at The Ballroom in Austin, TX. 

Image Credits: Photo by Grace Pendleton.



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