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Hot Water Music Drops New Video


Some bands offer up their sounds with an air of exclusivity. Others offer them up for all to hear which may be why we’re all about the latest video from Hot Water Music. Withe their new album Feel The Void they delivered a one two punch to the face in terms of sound. The song, “Turn The Dial” a relenting piece of music definitely hits the ears perfectly should eclipse your eyes as well.

The video opens with shoes on the floor and an injured girl on the couch. The song has a more inclusive sound with a careening guitar and echoed vocals. The way the song enters your mainstream should be enough to remember it well after. The vocals feel real and without any BS. The band has a universal sound that’s easy to like even as the crippled girl in the video sings along. Removing more and more gear meant to help her heal, she sheds those elements and gets glued in to what she’s hearing. Even as the band slows things down while she shops for a guitar and gear, the band gears back up and goes hard.

The song can be heard on their latest album Feel the Void available from Brooklyn Vegan on Vinyl. It can also be streamed wherever you stream music. Hot Water Music is on tour starting June 03 in Leeds, UK at Slam Dunk Festival until October 28 in Gainesville, FL at The Fest 2022. Their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Dave Decker.



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