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Near Beer Drops New Single


With a new self titled album coming this Summer, the music of Near Beer is coming to all of us very soon. The indie rock band is definitely on their way to something big. While we all wait for their new album we’re more than happy to present you with their new song “Mixtape Generation.” An interesting sort of song, the track offers up the band full tilt and ready to go with their pop based sound.

The video features a new married couple on their wedding day. The hand in hand walking and gazey eyed  happiness they share is top notch for sure. As they recite words to one another, they seem happy to be together. Playing football then bleeding, they seem flawed by their inability to argue. However their happiness together extends and they come across stronger singing the lyrics and taking on the world together rather than shouldering it separately.

The song can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. The song is also available from Double Helix Records.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR.



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