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Grace Ives Shares New Song & Announces Tour


In music there’s a bunch of disclaimers. Don’t be too fat, too real or not real enough. For Grace Ives though, not much of that matters. Behind her new album Janky Star she’s earned all sorts of praise and now she’s ready to share it. With  a slew of new tor dates and a new video for the track “On The Ground” she’s easily on her way.

With a child’s face opening the video and her vocals coming in strong, it’s no wonder the record has been written about so much. The whimsical nature of her voice rings through your ears and cuts through it all. Letting her voice sell the song, Ives has no issue winning us over from the start. The way in which she sings captures so much of our attention that its exhilerating. Her demeanor is refreshing as she sings her heart out through every note.

The song can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. Her tour runs from June 16 in New York City, New York at 120 E. Broadway until Amsterdam, NL at Paradiso on November 25. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 am.

Image Credits: Photo by Sam Metzger.



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