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Marissa Anderson Delivers Stunning New Song


When you talk about who can play guitar and who can really play it, few names come up like Marissa Anderson. Classically trained with plenty of emotion in what she does, her new sound is intoxicating if nothing else. Her new single “Walking” is a real joy for the ears while she belts out her new album Still, Here. Out on September 23 it’s as if emotions were notes.

The song beams with its more positive sound. The way the two blend it blends the song perfectly. The ease of the track lets you relaxe your soul.t  The way the guitar peaks its head in to redirect the way the song rolls out. The  gentle brush strokes offer the song with ease in a way that works it’s way into the song and doesn’t let go, The gentle guitar takes you away and says you can enjoy the song too.

The song can be hears above on Bandcamp. Here new album Here, Still can be preordered from Thrill Jockey before she tours starting July 9 in Saugatuck, MI at Oxbow Arts Residency until Green Man Festival August 18-21 in Brcons at Brecons

Image Credits: Photo by Patricia Vasquez Gomez.



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