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Why Bonnie Drops Two New Songs


Bands that can drop two songs at the same time are something else. At least, we will say that about Why Bonnie. The band that went from Texas to NYC is definitely on a different plain and on their way to greatness. With their new album 90 In November, their two new songs “Sailor Mouth” and “Hot Car” are definitely worth checking out.

With “Sailor Mouth” the band distills the wain of rock bands and goes in deep. The shrieking of guitars for a better sounding tone that’s more laid back. The upbeat nature of the song allows for a meander of a part before digging deep and pledging full force into the song. The way the band does this lets you soak it all up while taking it all in. For “Hot Car” the band keeps things close to the chest. The singular notes really up the vocals away from single singing. The more interposed  track distills itself from the norm and belts out the song with a peaceful resistance that works. The softer notes pay off when things get heated and deliver the song with a changing sound that pays off in the end.

Both songs are available to stream above via YouTube or via Spotify. The new album 90 In November is available for preorder from Keeled Scales Records before it drops on August 19. Why Bonnie is on tour starting The Gaslight in Nantucket,MA on August 23 until September 24 at Three Links in Dallas, TX. Their tour can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Grace Pendleton.



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