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Dry Cleaning Cleans Up on New Single


For many bands, dropping new music is a thing that happens infrequently. However for some new bands dropping new music is second nature. For Dry Cleaning it feels like second nature. Dropping a new album Stumpwork in October plays about perfectly to their mo. The band is back at it with stellar vocals and more post punk and their new single “Don’t Press Me” works perfectly.

From the jump it’s obviously Dry Cleaning. The powerful guitar work and the rhythmic playing sets them apart. Aside from the vocals that sound almost as if they’re being read, they work in the best way. The hit and miss of the song echoes and drills into your head. The track is catchy and is over before really taking off.


The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Stumpwork, the new album from Dry Cleaning is available for preorder from 4AD Records before it’s October 21 release. Dry Cleaning can be seen at INmusic Festival in Zagreb, Croatia on June 21 until November 11 in Utrecht, The Netherlands for Le Guess Who? Their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of 4AD Records.



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