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Paul Leary Drops New Video From Reissued Album


In the music world, there are pirates of glamour and those who clean up their messes. For Paul Leary he’s someone in between. His music is world class and worthy of countless praise. His debut album The History of Dogs was a praise of genius. While the album was just reissued Leary has dropped a new video for “The Birds Are Dying” and it’s a genius video you have to see. Watch it below here.

The video is animated and offers up a different view of everything. As the song opens up there’s useless speaking in the background from television. When Leary comes in the singing is dark and a bit monolithic. The music however is what’s amazing. The highs and lows stick out and shine upon in graceful means. The imagery is dark and in between what you may expect. However this is easily some of Leary’s best work by far and is represented by the video perfectly.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. The album can be purchased from Shimmy Disc Records here or it can be bundled with his latest album Born Stupid.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Shimmy Disc.



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