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Plastic Harpoons Announce New Album & Drop New Song


In music we’re always happy to read when a band gets signed to a record label. It’s always a bit exciting and filled with joy. For Santa Barbara’s Plastic Harpoons the excitement is just getting started. With a new album titled Modern World out October 21, their sound is exciting. Coming out on Lollipop Records, the album should shine with the addition of their new song “Diamond Wings.”

Starting things off in a bar where it feels like they’re done playing or getting ready to play, the band chills out. The ring of the guitar calls out while their singer sings out his words. The chorus comes in and the band is on full force. The song gets going and it heels aside itself. You’re drawn in by the way the song plays out while the guitar pulls you closer in. The rock aesthetic draws you nearer while his words work well in comforting you. The way he ascends into a jam is effortless while the band seemingly jokes around him. The song however is a winner that is here just long enough before it’s gone to the next thing.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Their new album drops on Lollipop Records on October 21. Plastic Harpoons are on tour starting July 13 in Santa Barbara, CA at Sandbar until July 22 in Santa Barbara, CA at M Special Brewing Company.

Image Credits: Photo by Tell All Your Friends.



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