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Regressive Left Returns with New Single


Music can be taken an amount of different ways. Some people see it as a way to drop concerns about the globe and others see it as whatever. For Regressive Left it’s a bit more than that. On their new single “Cream Militia” they really go deep and deliver an earthy sound. They dig deep and go hard and the song hits perfectly.

Opening with a murky electronic touched opening, the song sets in above you a bit. The band definitely digs deep by taking sounds you’ve heard before and reworking them. The vocals sound familiar while also sounding off kilter. The synths come in off track a bit and really hit with the song. The way the band restarts the track and goes even harder is amazing while also a bit darker. The way they sing versus play is mesmerizing and hard not to just zone out to. The end result is a song we can all jam to while getting down.

The song can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. Regressive Left will be on tour from July 7 at The Exchange in Bristol until October 16 at Wild Paths Festival.

Image Credits: Photo by Luis Kramer.



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