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Tony Molina Drops New Song


In the punk meets pop world, there aren’t too many heroes. There are definitely names that cause a stir and get you worked up towards their work. The name that gets us worked up is Tony Molina. Molina is a force in music and he writes songs quickly and deftly. His new album In The Fade will be out in August and his new single “I Don’t Like That He” is a pure pop trench of a song. Hear it below and fall in love.

The song opens with an easy going acoustic sound. The song has a note of singer songwriter while hitting the pop tones. Molina isn’t playing around here, this song is catchy and upbeat. The pop edge comes through from the beginning and wraps itself around you. His vocals give a dreamy sound while his instrumentation pulls you in with every turn. The song is over as quickly as it began but it showcases his strengths as quickly as he began.

The song can be heard above or streamed wherever you stream music. His new album can be preordered from Summer Shade/ Run For Cover Records before it drops on August 12. 

Image Credits: Photo by Sarah Rose Janko.



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