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Narrow Head Rips on New Song


In music bands can throw us off their scent quickly. Even if they evolve their sound they’re still going out and giving of themselves to  release new music. For Narrow Head the band has evoked multiple songs in a short time and given us plenty to scratch our heads on. On their latest single “T.W.I.N.” the band digs deep and gives a banger to certainly blow us away.

The wane of squealing guitars gets the song started. Echoed by a drums and the quake of playing back and forth offers the band up with a bit of humility. Their drowning sound bleeds the walls of wherever they’re playing and scrapes the edges of that sound. The band sounds fresh and offers up no leads towards happiness. However the song is very different than their regular work, they seem fitted for this track. The airy vocals that offer them up in easier going situations comes on strong as the band wraps the song up just when things could go too long.

The song is available to stream above or over on wherever you stream music. Narrow Heads albums are available from Run For Cover Records. The band is set to perform at Outbreak Festival in Manchester this weekend.

Image Credits: Photo by Alex Henery.



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