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The Mars Volta Return Unscathed & Sounding Fresh


It’s been ten years since we heard anything new from The Mars Volta. The music was and still is an important part of our lives. The band did drop a box set which sold out in a day and they did release the original pressing of their first album titled Landscape Tantrums, but nothing new. Of course times change and the band is back. Back with a new tour and a new song, “Blacklight Shine” could be the band returning to the fold.

The song has a waning of island beauty. The wane of the guitar and the lyrics create a mysterious world. The higher pitched vocals in Spanish offer the band up in a new light. The band sounds stellar in this new light. Still shining in the light they take new cues while emitting a classic sound. The way the song envelops you as it plays takes on new meaning as the song just makes you want to dance.

The Mars Volta has the song wherever you stream music now. The band will be on tour starting September 23 at The Factory in Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX until Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA on October 21. Tickets for these shows go on sale Friday June 24 at their website.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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