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Built To Spill Deliver New Song & Video


For a long time Built To Spill have been that band. Garage rock without the garage, their sound has always dwarfed anyone who came along before or after them. With a new album called When The Wind Forgets Your Name coming on September 09 through SubPop, their latest single really digs deep and gives you a winner in the end.

The song opens with vocals and an echoed guitar sound, The peering of this individual looking over his car is intriguing. He treats it like a vintage Ferrari but it’s just a Mazda Miata. When he comes around a corner he’s carrying a guitar. As he climbs into a makeup chair it’s as if reality has left the room.The in a brief second he looks like Doug Martcsh. The end reult is a seasoned rocker ready for the stage.

The song can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. Their new album can be preordered through Sub Pop Records before its September 09 release. Built To Spill is on tour starting June 23 at Sled Island Festival in Calgary, Canada until September 24 at Metro Music Hall in Salt Lake City, UT. Their tour can be found here

Image Credits: Image by Alex Graham.



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