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Voxtrot Reveals Unreleased Song “Kindergarten”


Bands that spend a good amount of time together, they can amass quite the b-sides and rarities tracks, Take a band like Voxtrot and you’d be shocked by what comes along. With their new album Cut From the Stone B-Sides and Rarities they’ve released the song “Kindergarten” and it feels amazing. With a tour set to follow the band should be in a great place for everyone to get to see them.

The song has plenty of energy. The vocals sound like they were recorded yesterday. The song has a real fevered pace and a real eloquence to it. The soft squeals of instruments come and go and add so much when you aren’t paying attention. There’s definitely an enlightened energy to the song in every way. From how it starts to how it plays out, the song sounds like it could be more than a rarity or B-Side. There’s enough here to take it to the next level and then some.

Kindergarten can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. The bands Cut from the Stone: Rarities and B-Sides is availabile from wherever you grab music. Voxtrot will be on a limited run of touring starting September 17 in New York, NY at Webster Hall until November 12 at Mohawk in Austin, TX. The tour can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Eric Morales.



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