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Dream, Ivory Announce New Album & Share Lead Song


New artists are much like new music in that there’s a ton of it coming daily. Sometimes we get both together and the riches are even greater. That’s at least how it goes with new act Dream, Ivory. The band definitely has their own sound which is like the best parts from a ton of bands. The band just announced their debut album About A Boy out on September 3 through AWAL. Their debut single “Soaking Up The Sickness” is a new song that’s as joyous as it is directive.

The guttered guitar and bass sound remind you of a band playing in your living room. However with this catchy sound and symmetrical vocals the song is memorable as well. The song has a catchy sound and stays with you from the start. The mix on the drums and beat give the song a fresh sound while it’s poppy sound gives it a real sound. As others in their video play their instruments they’re just making sure we all hear what they’re doing.

The song can be heard above on YouTube or wherever you stream music. Their new album is available for preorder from AWAL ahead of its September 30 release. The band is set to perform June 28 at House of Blues in San Diego, CA and June 29 at The Echo in LA, CA.

Image Credits: Photo by Maya Fuhr.



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