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Hayden Arp Reveals Whimsical New Song


New music is something we can all get behind. While sometimes it’s not for all of us, there’s a chance we’ll like what we hear. Though our many PR connects we were introduced to the music of Hayden Arp. The mystical guise of his voice mixed with his honest songwriting gears us up his tremendous sound. His new single “Passenger” is a cantankerous number that grabs your heart and cuddles it to ease.

The song opens as a gentle and melodic tune. The way he quells us around his lyrics is staggering and thematic, His word are effective as they are stunning. His meaning behind the song bleeds through the words and soothes the soul. With a gentle voice and a sombering chamber of instruments he has you with his earliest words. His strength is deep within his words and his insides come through on each note. The honesty mixed with humbleness play throughout the song till’ the end.

The song can be heard above via YouTube  or wherever you stream music. His new album With Eliza is out on October 14.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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