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Son Little Shares Two New Songs & Announces New Album


In the haze of new music, few artists can bring as much emotion as Son Little. His new album is coming pretty quick against his last album. However Like Neptune looks and sounds to be a very different record. Luckily for you he’s revealed two new songs “stoned love” and “deeper” today and with different sounds it seems like a record of it’s own making,

“stoned love” has a very soulful sound with a sick beat. His guitar sheens through any producer work and offers a sound that’s true to the project itself. His vocals seem truthful and true to the music’s sound. True and to the point, the song comes across as a very real song. On “deeper” he slows things down to a snail’s pace yet keeps the vibe. The slower side to what he does offers up love and honesty. There’s a realness to this song as he sings about relationships and how hard they are to keep going. His vocals feel very soulful here and really reach out with a helping hand. His vocals break up and give him all to you. The backing vocals take you somewhere else as he pulls you in against it. The guitar finds a way to make you a fan of what’s happening too. However its deep in his lyrics and enjoy the jazz within the song as well,

Both songs can be heard wherever you stream music or above via YouTube. The new album from Son Little Like Neptune can be preordered from Anti Records before its September 09 release. Son Little is on tour starting July 02 at Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, OR until December 17 in Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts. His tour can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Cynthia Perez.



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