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Ty Segall Drops New Cover of The Mantles


In the grand spectrum of indie music Ty Segall is definitely at the center of what’s happening. In turn waiting for his new solo album Hello, Hi Segall finds himself releasing fun songs without changing too much. His sounds are above everyone else and ahead of them too. His new song “Don’t Lie” is a true gem you need to hear.

The song starts happy and easy going. Segall’s cover of The Mantle’s is intriguing. His vocals are further from the mic while he sings the words into his mic. The way he navigates the chords offers an unspoken understanding of the music. His distanced sound within offers the song up with some fanfare from a fan. His words aren’t stepped up by any underpraise under his time as a fan is well noted. He comes out of the other side as clean as he went in and then some.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. His new album drops July 22 on Drag City Records. Ty Segall is on tour starting June 30 in Cleveland, OH at Agora Theater until August 27 in Torremolinos, Spain at Canela Party. His tour can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Denee Segall.



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