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Junior Varsity Drops New Song


In music sometimes the best sounds come from where you least expect it to.  The music of today comes fast and hard and it usually comes from where you’d least expect it. Warner Bros. has released the latest from Junior Varsity and its a jam no matter what you think. On their new song “Rushh” they deliver a hit and it’s definitely worthy of your ears.

The song definitely comes at you with plenty of energy. There’s a strong reliance of catchy hooks that plow a future for the two piece. The song plies itself on the strong/weak compound where the song is heavy then light. This goes for lyrics too. However the song also falls upon our feelings too by showing what happens in a car accident,

The song can be streamed anywhere including above via YouTube. The song can also be heard wherever you stream music including on Pandora.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.



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