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Dave Rowntree Delivers First Solo Track


In music strange things can happen and good things come from it. Artists at times drop music from random places and we sometimes miss it. However the new single from Dave Rowntree of blur is definitely one not to miss. Catchy and poppy the song about “London Bridge” is worthy of your time and worth getting to know.

The scenes of decoupage lying around make for a nice opening for the song “London Bridge.” The song has an ominous tone with dark touches throughout. The way the video looks it appears to be a tougher song than it actually is. The song encompasses many dark levels, yet it’s closer to that of a poppy song more than anything. Even if it has this ominous theme, the song wears you to a point of hearing it and deciding it’s not that dark after all.

The song is available to hear above via YouTube or can be streamed wherever you stream music. The song is also available on the new Single from Cooking Vinyl.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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