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Drug Church Covers Mighty Mighty Bosstones


As far as cover songs go, usually a band you doubt would do covers covers a song perfectly. Like a lot of times that latter statement is true & Drug Church does the heavy lifting with a cover of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ “Someday I Suppose.” The song is an epic cover of the track from a band without horns but the heart of a thousand bands below.

From the horns that open the song to the bass that gets the guitars going, the song has an epic beginning. The vocals come in and remind you of Dicky Barrett. The guitar work on this cover are epic and never ending. The vocals that back up things are as well extraordinary. The song sounds like a modern version of what the Bosstones could’ve gone. The way the song plays out takes all of that energy and takes it to a new level. The vocals are on point and the song kills.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The new album Dead Formats Vol. 1 is available on September 30 from Pure Noise Records. Drug Church will appear at Furnace Fest in Birmingham, AL on September 23.

Image Credits: Photo by Ryan Scott Graham.



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