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Brijean Shares New Song “Caldwell’s Way”


The world has a ton of great artists to share with us over time. New acts have the way to send us new acts and interesting acts at the same time, Take duo Brijean. The two piece is known for a creative way to get their point across and get us moving at the same time. While their new EP Angelo is out on August 05 on Ghostly International, their new song “Caldwell’s Way”is a pop jam that makes your day.

While the video is fairly plain the music attached isn’t. It’s spirited and offers up a gentle hello from wherever Brijean is at at the time. The vocals lull in like a quiet lullaby. The beat and the synths are easy going and gentle to match the song’s energy. Little pieces trickle out and exemplify the music while backing vocals find charm among it all. The song is a joyous goodbye set to an easy going frame we should all want in our lives.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Angelo EP is available from Ghostly International for preorder ahead of it’s August 05 release. Brijean will be on tour starting August 11 in San Diego, CA at The Independent until September -6 in Big Sure, CA at Henry Miller Memorial Library. They tour can be followed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Maya Fuhr.



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