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Josiah Johnson Unveils New Song


In Music there are times you can wander into a room and hear your future immediately. It doesn’t happen often but when it does you know so. The latest song from Josiah Johnson is a real treat from start to finish. With his guilded guitar and his deep voice he offers a life away from the norm and an easy version of that life. His new song “You Had One Job” that offers him bare and fulfilling his wishes as well.

The tender guitar that gets the track going is underpinned by his entrusted his skills to a certain world. His vocals are marred by his colorized vocals and tender touchings. He captures the instruments perfectly in whatever state their in. That is until he goes big and adds drums. Up against the other instrumentation it all clicks and brings the grandiose song back home.

The song can be experienced above via YouTube or wherever you stream Music, Copies can be obtained through Anti- Records. Josiah Johnson is on tour beginning July 19 in San Francisco, CA at Amado’s until October 02 in Waynesville, NC at Orchard Coffee. His Tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Sela Shiloni.



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