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Kal Marks Drops New Single off New Album


Sometimes bands come from someplace other than the regular and sound ten times better. There’s always a space for quality work and it comes from inside a person. However with Kal Marks their sound is new. After the band fell apart in 2022 and came back stronger than ever, they’re releasing a new album on August 05. What we can tell you is that it’s pretty dynamic and his new single “My Name Is Hell” is a strong banger for any band to reveal.

The video starts as wild as the band is. Getting ready to start their days, the nothingness around is indefinite. The nature around is just as hopeless yet this song plays in the background. The way the band navigates things matches with the music and gives way to a wilder existence. The constant strobes make it feel like a horror film where the bad catches up to everyone.

The song and it’s new video can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you stream music. The new album by Kal Marks is available for preorder from Exploding In Sound Records before its August 05 release. 

Image Credits: Photo by Stephanie Adreana.



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