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The Deer Share New Single Off New Album


In music there are bands that come out of nowhere. In fact many of you may see The Deer as one of those bands. However I know the band from my years living in Central, TX and I know them to be genuine and truthful. The band’s originality may be why their new album titled The Beautiful Undead is coming out on Keeled Scales in September on the 9th. They’ve dropped a new single titled “Bellwether” and it’s a real gem you can stream below.

The song opens with folky overtones masking their singer’s voice. The way she sings stands out even with folk bands and it stands out here. Like a beautiful harmony flowing through everything, she divides the turns here. The way the band flows down different paths yet it all fits together is honorable while her voice is there at every breaking point. The high points within the song are throughout and are there at every turn. The magic from the band is doing things together and this song is a great example of that.

The song can be heard above via YouTube or wherever you listen to music. The album can be preordered here from Keeled Scales before it gets released on September 09. The Deer is on tour starting July 20 in Mountain Village, CO at Sunset Plaza until October 22 at The Parish in Austin, TX. Their tour can be followed here.

Image Credits: Photo by John Bergin.



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