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Pony Girl Releases New Single


Lots of artists have new albums coming this year. With a colorful array of artists dropping new music Pony Girl has a new album coming this October 14, their new music hits a different chord. Their new album “Enny One Will Love You” is the same titling as their new album and it spanks. The lyrics pop and the album makes us think this could be a release for the books.

The crux of instrumentation in the head of those who played it at the opening is genius. The song has cuts and chops that signal like a brain operating. Masked by backing vocals, the song hits with precise movements. The vocals come across like vignettes of time that are far spread out. The trapsing and inner parts are so different yet the same that they’re a trip to themselves. The slow linger of their sound makes for an intriguing tone. The way the singing rests above them is masterful and makes us think of every fun moment we ever had.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Enny One Will Love You is available from Paper Bag Records for preorder ahead of it’s October 14 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Curtis Peny.



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