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The Beths Share “Expert In a Dying Field”


In music we can all shoot for something greater. Their lyrics alone can send a song from chart toppers to great story tellers. For The Beths, that’s how their new single plays out. It’s a tender song that the band takes seriously and gives them all the cache they could ever want. The title of the song “Expert In A Dying Field” is also the title of their new album out on Carpark on September 16. You can watch the video below and experience it yourself.

The song hums at it’s beginning while the vocals come humming through the speakers. When the drums come on they feel like they’s in the right place. The backing vocals add a nice touch to the song’s sound. The way the song hums together like a finished hymn is glorious in it’s presentation. The guitar leads the song along with whip smart vocals that chime out in a glorious manner. The band is playing on all levels while exhibiting all they know until now.


The song can be heard above or check it out on YouTube. The Beths new album will be out on September 16 from Carpark Records. The Beths are on tour starting July 24 in Seattle, WA at Capitol Hill Block Party until A&R Music Bar in Columbus, OH om September 01, Their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Frances Carter.



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