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Young Culture Shares New Single


In pop punk there’s all sorts of flows that make a sound that blows us away. Even on their latest single the pop punk of Young Culture has something different about it. The way it flows from singer’s Gabe Pietrefesa voice offers up a sound that’s catchy. Mix in the title or the song “Tattoo” and you have a single that swoons.

The song open with someone getting a tattoo. The song is up and happy with catchy lyrics that shine on the band. With the members consistently sharing their happiness, it’s no wonder why they revealed  a song about them. With footage of them performing live and the, getting tattoos it all seems to come full circle. Add backing vocals and you have a hit song.

The song can be heard above on YouTube or wherever you stream music. They have a new album on Equal Vision Records coming later this year.

Image Credits: Photo by Danny DeRusso.



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