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The New Lapeche is Fantastic


The releasing of a new song can hot the surface strong and hard. And of course if it’s good enough it hits with certain listeners too. Luckily for you there’s LAPECHE who just so happens to have a new song out. Released yesterday the track titled “Mermaid Blues” hits perfectly with a harder edge and pop touches throughout. Stream it below and hear for yourself.

The joyous opening to the song gets you in the mood for what’s coming. The double riffed following backs the vocals strongly as well as the music does. The way Their singer sings offers up a route for your ears to follow her into whatever she has going on. The paths of singing intp one another gives the track depth while digging into new volumes for the band to explore. However the best parts are when the chorus hits and the band is just digging deeper to shine.

The song is available to stream above or listen to on YouTube. The band is set to appear at Our Wicked Lady in New York, NY on August 04.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Clarion Call.



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