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Mother Sun Reveals New Album and Shares New Song


Certain bands like Mother Sun can drop a new release to no big deal. However with their psyche sound growing on many ears. Thetruth is that the band does have a new album coming out on 10/28. The new album titled Train Of Thought should reign in psych sound and revel in its presence. In fact their new single “Webbed Feet” really reaches out on their psyche sound and even takes turns,

The song opens up with this open ended guitar and horns that make it sound bigger. The brass definitely helps them move forward in terms of sound and energy. The upbeat sound of the song has an easy going manner that just lifts you up. The use of multiple instruments with airy vocals makes the song feel lighter while it also takes you over. The power of that brass coupled with the energy of the vocals goes a long way before the song slows to almost nothing. Vary echoes are used on the vocals and they draw you closer to your speakers. Then things lift and the song is back at creating energy. It’s a trip.

The new song can be heard above or on YouTube. Their new album is available on 10/28 through Earth Libraries Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Tell All Your Friends .



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