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Sunsleeper Announces New Album & Releases New Song


The indie rock vibes that Sunsleeper lets off shouldn’t be weird for you. The band emits them whenever they perform and their sound definitely live up to it. With a new record While You Can coming in October 07 via Rude Records offers itself up, they can easily get by on images alone> The band also has a new single out called “Stay Home” and it’s phenomenal as well.

The song opens with vocals coming in above a whisper. The gentle words pair well with the music they’ve paired with the vocals. Light and easy going, the song has a gentle sound while still keeping things upbeat. There’s a gentle voice offering up vocals while the band plays harder behind him. The stream of conscience seems to put the band in a good place throughout gives the vocals more strength in moving forward. The end result is an easy going jam that finds its place as soon as it starts.

The song can be heard above or on YouTube. The new album is available on October 07 via Rude Records. The band has a small US tour starting August 13 in Bay City, MI at Excellency Music Festival until August 20 at The Waiting Room in Omaha, NE. 

Image Credits: Photo by Megan Mudgett.



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