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Whitney Shares Two New Songs


In recent years bands have been changing things up when it comes to their releases. Mixing things up and turning the page as far as roll out for them goes. Take Whitney for example. The band has a new album titled SPARK coming in September 16, they’ve turned the tables on releases by dropping two songs on the same day. The songs “TWIRL” and “BLUE” are vastly different and show two different sides to the band. Their new album drops on September 16 on Secretly Canadian.

The first song “TWIRL” is easy going and softer in it’s sound. While the vocals are similar that’s about it. The song is easy going and gentle to the soul. It offers the band up in a bubble that shadows them from the norm. They can take that time and develop themselves more and go deeper on the track. The vocals are extraordinary and the song covers a lot of ground. Thus it makes you feel happy to be alive and a part of  a way about it that just digs down and tears into you with urgency of the moment.

“BLUE” is a very different track. Joyous and cheerful, the song relaxes you while also lifting you up. There’s a playful and happy sound to the song, like it’s just living in it’s moment. The vocals are up and down have more of a regular sound to them, while the band’s music chills and takes things to the next level. The way the song hits you you’re happy to be alive and ready for what’s next.

Both songs can be seen above or streamed wherever you stream music. The band’s new album SPARK is available from Secretly Canadian for preorder ahead of it’s September 16 release. Whitney is on tour starting September 29 at Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel in Davenport, IA until December 23 at Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL. Their tour can be tracked here.

Image Credits: Photo by Tonje Thilesen.



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