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Beach Bums Share “WAR” Single


Some bands go to lots of trouble when they drop a new song. Their are big parades and different sorts of junctions to celebrate the affair. However for Beach Bums it’s celebrated but not a giant focus. The band is circumvented around crazy sounds and a fine way to emit them. On their new single “War” they bring their sound to the masses and gear up for tour. With a new album Overcast out in August on Lollipop Records they give it up below.

The song definitely shows another side to them. It’s slower and more thought out while evoking emotion. The vocals come in at a slower more thought out pace. While there are moments where this isn’t the case, the song plays out as a slow core masterpiece. It’s short and over with almost as soon as it begins. However there’s plenty here to delve over.

The album is out on August 16 from Lollipop Records. It’s also available from all streaming sites. Beach Bums is on tour starting August 12 at The Beehive in Salt Lake City, UT until August 27 in Las Vegas, NV.

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Garcia.



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