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Son Little Drops New Song


For a good while, there have been acts worth checking out and those acts you have to see. Under the acts you have to see are a lot of acts but one for certain is Son Little. His vocals are smooth, his sound is stylish and his lyrics feel like they mean more even if they don’t. And he’s an artist who will change your life. While his R&B is something else,his new album Like Neptune drops on September 09. On his new song “6 AM” he really puts it out there and then some.

The song starts off slow and drops a real old school R&B vibe. However somewhere in there there’s a different track present when Son House starts a song that sounds like an alternative track. His vocals are hard and strong and mixed with his rhythmic style. He takes a more solo approach and sings of what he doesn’t need. His vocals are magical and hit perfectly.He sounds as if his life depends on what he singing and it all really matters. His sound is epic and all entuning and he pulls us in again.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. His new album Like Neptune will drop on Anti September 09 and is available for preorder. Son Little is on tour starting November 01 at The Trobadour in Los Angeles, CA until December 17 in Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts. His tour can be tracked here.

Image Credits: Photo by Cynthia Perez.



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