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Tim Burgess of Charlatans Releases New Song From New Album


The Charlatans have always been a band whose next step was always questioned. In the nineties they forced us to second guess ourselves with what they put out. However nowadays the band has mellowed and their lead singer Tim Burgess has moved on. Of course that means started making his own music. His new single “Typical Music”  is a different mode in which he gets to be himself without changing much at all. Coming off his new album Typical Music can now be preordered from Bella Union before it’s September 23 release. It’s first single is available to stream below.

The song has a thunderous charge to it where Burgess stands alone. His presence is still pop and well received. It has a feel of The Charlatans but it’s more modern. There’s more understanding and growth as an artist here. It’s pop but it steers around what Burgess has become known for. His style is under represented and well done here. It’s pop fantasy but we could all use some fraudulance every now and then.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. His new album is available for preorder from Bella Union before it’s September 23 release. Tim Burgess will tour but not in the US.

Image Credits: Photo by Cat Stevens.



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