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Creedence Clearwater Revival to Release Live Album


Bands who release music post their existence have an ability to extend their existence. Bands who re-release albums after their existence also extend their lives. However when they release something that’s never been released, it’s a different story. Creedence Clearwater Revival will see more than that when they drop their Live at The Royal Albert Hall album. Several records or compact discs and a DVD of the experience are just part of what’s included in the box set. A cassette, booklets and a poster of the show are also included.

The band lead by John Fogerty gives us a performance unreleased prior to this date. Their swooning guitars, his lead tiped tonge and all of the memorabilia is included in the set.

The CCR Live at the Royal Albert Hall concert can be preordered from Craft Recordings before its November 18 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Putland.



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