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GIFT Announces Debut Album on Dedstrange


The debut album is an important place to set a band’s setting for forever. The way they sound on a debut album will be referenced forever. For the band GIFT there happens to be such an album coming out. The band has the ability to settle in and drop a surprise on you outta left field. Their new album Monetary Presence is coming out on DedStrange Records and their new song “Gumball Garden” is epic. Stream it below to hear it.

The song opens with the usual clatter before all that changes. The band approaches everything with a wild energy. Even though the lyrics are coming in a faint manner, the keys, the guitar and the drums come directly at you. Their psyche ethos really shines here. They have the drive of a heavy rock band with the sound of an epic psyche band. The riffs come right at you and the parts are all paired around that idea. Their style on how they approach their music is intent driven and purposeful. The song slows down but not by much and a fuzzy guitar takes over everything before the riffs come back

The song can be heard above or on their debut album Monetary Presence is available for preorder from DedStrange Records on October 14. The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Gift is on tour starting September 09 in Elizabethtown, NY at Otis Mountain Get Down Festival until October 15 at Sultan, NY at Sultan Room. 

Image Credits: Photo by Jena Cumbo.



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