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The London Suede Deliver New Song & Album Details


Of all the bands available for touring, The London Suede was a band we thought we wouldn’t hear from again. Their sound however is iconic and holds its own. Their ability to hold their own gave us a compatible feeling like maybe they’d reunite and do an album. Luckily for us tht has happened. The band’s new album Autofiction is available for preorder before it drops on September 16 and its new single “15 Again” can be streamed below.

The song has this sonic road map to follow. The way they approach the song they hit with an intensity. The vocals are at the top while the instruments seem to be too. They’re just so intense and coming from all directions. They have this way of being already that places them above most bands, though this way is more intense. The method at how they approach the song is masterful and without doubt them at their best. Everything feels natural and second nature to even a casual listener,

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Autofiction is available for preorder before its September 16 drop. The London Suede is on tour starting December 08 at OYA Festival in Oslo, Norway until Hamberg, Deutschand at Greenspan on December 10, Their tour can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Dean Chalkley.



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