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Atta Boy Delivers New Song


Starting a band can be difficult but refreshing as well. With some bands their debut can be as strange as anything. For Atta Boy they have a distinct indie sound that puts whatever they do to shame. Recently their new single “Boys” is out and it’s a stunner, Their lyric video tells as much as it says and it sounds. Listen below and catch its vibes.

The song is a quick reminder of short songs. Though it’s not long it is memorable with catchy lyrics and a good beat. The track jingles along with no BS and catchy hooks. The lyrics are very real and present. The song hits perfectly on your speakers and keeps to itself. There’s a moment at the end where its just the instruments playing and you realize how hook filled it really is.

The song can be heard above or streamed wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo by Sarah Midkiff.



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