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Golden Dawn Arkestra Gives Us Soul


Certain bands exist and we have to learn to live with their existence. Others exist and we’re glad they formed. For Austin’s Golden Dawn Arkestra that seems to be the case. The band makes the world a better place just for being in it. Their new album The Gold Album is due out on August 12 and their new single “Join As One” just dropped and it’s epic. Stream it below to find out.

The song gets going from the jump and starts uttering up their funky sound. The band has a real in your face sound with the lyrics in your face as well. The video shows their singer on a date and delves deeper into the band’s sound. Coming from all spaces there’s an outing of psyche funk. The way that they approach a song gives it up to the listener. The wayward way the song is done offers the band to the masses with ease while giving us funky touches. The song is just a glimpse of what the band is capable of.

The song can be heard above or streamed wherever you stream music. Their new album The Gold album is out on August 12 and can be preoredered from Spaceflight Records. The band will perform starting August 12 at Stubb’s in Austin, TX and at Psyco Las Vegas in Las Vegas,NV on August 19.

Image Credits: Photo by Ryan Hubert Vestil.



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