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Grimson Delivers Epic Song


If you’re finding yourself looking for a singer songwriter, it shouldn’t be a difficult task to find one. Between the new and old it’s a sub genre that’s grown by leaps and bounds. A new singer songwriter who may warm you heart is Grimson. The Berlin based singer songwriter has a sound that excels genres and extends him out further than most. On his new single “Sat Gently” he offers up peacefulness as only he can.

In a train station, albeit on an escalator Grimson sits and offers his soul to whoever’s listening. A peaceful song, his voice gives a space between touches from classical instruments. He places us there perfectly to where we know what’s happening in real time. His voice is tender and not guttural as he gives us more then we need to get by. And then he’s gone as the clip suddenly ends.

The song can be streamed above via YouTube or wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo by Anna Fastnacht.



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