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LIES Drops New Song


New groups are often pushed aside for other bands when starting out. However sometimes the music they make offer up a sound that’s difficult to shake. That’s how to best explain the new project LIES between Tim and Nate Kinsella started their new project. The songs they’ve released so far are electronic and beautiful while they hit a nerve as well. Their new single “Summer Somewhere” is out and it sounds epic. Stream it below,

The song takes a bit of time to get going. Of course once it does it goes quick. The lyrics come in on a softer note that excels the vocals. The standing and waiting is the worst yet you don;t have to wait as things get going and off the two up triumphantly. The way the vocals mix with the electro drums create a sound you can’t shake. There’s a subtle sound the two create here that feels almost within it’s own being. The way the lyrics sit on the side as the electronics play and how it’s not important to sing when it’s not needed is amazing. It’s a beautiful song.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The song is also available from Polyvinyl Records. Catch them in their first live setting this September 24 at Pygmalion Festival in Urbana, IL.

Image Credits: Photo by Shervin Lainez.



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