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Pohgoh Shares New Single


The day begins and things come out and we continue with our day. Bands can come and go but some have the strength to come back whenever. With Florida’s Pohgoh it’s been a long time. While the band debuted in 1994 and broke up three years later, they returned in 2016 and gave up plenty of gusto. Now part of the Spartan Records family, they have a new album du und ich ready for preorder before it drops on November 04. Hear their new single “Weeds” here.

On their new single “Weeds” the band wastes no time throwing down. The elemental guitar and the hypnotic vocals are back creating a sound you can’t resist.  The band’s use of guitar as the factor that separates everything makes the song have a lasting power. While the vocals do the trick in keeping everything together. The way it pulls together is magical and gets us amped for their new album.

The song can be heard above on YouTube or wherever you stream music, Their new album can be preordered from Spartan Records before its November 04 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Dave Decker.



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