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Titus Andronicus Share New Song Off New Album


There’s plenty of bands out now dropping songs that make us feel all kinds of ways. Some place us in a happy mood and others can get us down and tough on ourselves. For Titus Andronicus their new single has us feeling it all the way to where they want it to, the bank. With a new album called The Will to Live out on Merge Records on September 29, their new song “Give Me Grief” is worth the wait.

The song is longer than their typical song but the bop is there. The dual vocals sound that resonates gives us an idea that they’ve grown already. The band sounds like a mix of punk and indie here and doesn’t apologize for it. Instead we’re left with gents just trying communicate feelings. Withe the band offering their sound with a little more pop lets the song live and breathe more equally. Their together branding just makes it all the better.

The song can be heard above before streaming it wherever you stream music. The band’s new album is available to preorder from Merge Records ahead of its release date on September 29. Titus Andronicus is on tour starting September 24 at Frantic City Festival in Atlantic City, NJ until October 27 in Somerville, MA at Crystal Ballroom. It can be followed as a tour here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Merge.



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