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Maude Latour Offers New Sound


Some names in the music industry are becoming known for what they do more than their abilities. Being able to twerk or bop around is becoming more popular than we figured. However Maude Latour has become known for all kinds of things. Everyone loves her sound, she can dance, and she’s been written about by most trades. Her new single “Probabilities” will probably earn her all sorts of praise as well. Stream it below before grabbing a copy from Warner Bros.

The song starts from the go and has a pop sound that allures. Her voice hitting top notes while keeping us grounded is magical and surreal. When she keeps us in our place we feel like we’re in highschool again. There’s just something in how she hits those notes that peaked our interest. The beat along with the highs has a seasoned sound that sticks in your head from first listen.

The song can be heard above or on YouTube. The single can be purchased from Warner Bros or anywhere you can stream it.

Image Credits: Photo by Anna Koblish.



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