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Spoon To Reissue Kill The Moonlight


For the last 40 years or so living in Texas has been a little more bearable. With a band as relevant and hypnotic as SPOON calling the state home, it’s at least given us a reason to be proud. The band’s lineup has changed but the spirit in the songwriter has remained. For the 20th anniversary behind the bands landmark album Kill The Moonlight, Matador is reissuing the album. Available for the first time on white vinyl, the record was a landmark event for the band and garnered all sorts of praise. Available August 20, the record sounds as good today as it did twenty years ago.

The merger of rhythm and pop merged and gave the band plenty of time in the spotlight. Centered around well written songs and catchy sounds, the album is a center for the band. It certainly gave SPOON a sound they still center around today. Carried with Britt Daniels smooth and centered voice, it’s a real tour de force.

The album is available to stream online or can be heard on vinyl from Matador Records. The limited edition white vinyl should get you picking one up as soon as possible. SPOON is on tour starting August 25 at Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, NJ until Corona Capital on November 19 in Mexico. Mexico. Their tour is traceable here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Matador Records.



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