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The Beths Deliver New Song That Rocks


For a time we were convinced of the best band in a continent until we were introduced to The Beths. One of the best bands to come outta Australia in a long time, their sound is just amazing. Now with a new album coming along in September, the band has released a new song “Knees Deep” off of Expert In A Dying Field. Stream it here and see what we’re saying.

The song opens with a catchy opening. The way it plays out pairs well with the videos story line as well.  The band gets going and gives a strong sound as their bassist bungee jumps. It’s a quick idea that inspires their drummer to soon jump and it adds a spring to his step. Then their guitarist makes the jump as well. After inspiring his playing their lead singer gets the hint and they all run down to see her take the plunge. The song is poppy and catchy enough to get you to preorder their new album ASAP.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Their new album is available to preorder from Carpark Records here before it drops on September 16. The Beths are on tour starting August 16 at Here and There Festival in Chicago, IL until March 24 in Los Angeles, CA at Fonda Theatre on March 24. Their tour can be followed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Frances Carter.



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